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Can I put my own ads on my site?
Yes, you can put your own ads on your site.
Can I design the free hosting ad into my site.
Yes, all you have to do is contact us and we will remove the bottom ad on free hosting. So you can work it into your design. We would also like to point out that for only a small amount you can have the ads completely removed. Bannerless Hosting
Do you allow IRC services on your servers?
No, we do not allow IRC services. But, do allow chat services other then IRC.
Do you allow adult content on your servers?
Adult sites are not allowed on our free service. But, they are allowed on our premium hosting services.
Are all apache directives allowed?
Any valid apache directives are allowed, however some will be blocked for resource reasons (blocked commands will just not be accepted, rather than throwing an error).
Can I use sockets, or cURL on the free hosting service?
Unfortunately cURL / socket functionality is not available for free hosting accounts due to bad scripts/users using these functions for abuseful reasons. Only premium plans have full socket, and cURL functionality.
Is GD supported?
Yes, GD is fully supported on free hosting accounts.
What are the PHP and FTP upload limits?
PHP memory size limit: 32MB. FTP upload filesize limit: 5MB
Are there any email functions disabled?
POP, web mail and send mail are enabled. But, SMTP and IMAP email are disabled for security reasons.
Can I set CNAME records?
Yes, you can manually manage CNAME records for all addon and parked domains.

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